Suitable rugs for Summertime!

Suitable rugs for Summertime!

 Summer months are among the periods when home decoration changes. The relaxation and sincerity that comes with the warm weather is also reflected in the decorations of the houses. rugs, which are the saviors of decorations in winter, also feel the need to change them in summer. If you want to achieve a more comfortable use at home, take advantage of the various characteristics of rugs and bring vitality to your decoration, you can take a look at the types of summer rugs! Here are Naar rug models that you can choose at home in the summer months!


Which Types of rugs Are Used in Summer?

It is possible to reflect the cheerful and friendly atmosphere that comes to homes in the summer months through rugs. Contrary to the wool rugs preferred in winter, it is quite appropriate to place rugs with natural content such as bamboo or jute in hot weather. Bamboo and jute rug types, which offer a more comfortable use in hot weather without reflecting the heat, also bring the energy of summer to your decoration with their different patterns. These rug types, which are the saviors of hot weather, have a wide area of use in homes from kitchen to living room, from bedrooms to balconies. You can choose among the most suitable summer rug models for the decoration of your home, and you can create your online order through Naar rug.

What Are The rugs That Keep The House Cool In The Summer?

Bamboo rugs are among the most preferred rug types at home in the summer months. These rug types, produced from natural bamboo fibers, stand out with a warm feeling in winter and a cool feeling in summer. Bamboo rug types, which are also in the category of anti-allergic rugs, do not cause dust, so they are among the most preferred rug types in summer. Another of the most popular types of rugs preferred in summer is kilim models. Thanks to its thin and lint-free structure, it does not make your feet sweaty, but also offers a cool and comfortable use.

Discover the Most Useful Summer rugs in Naar!
Discover the most suitable rug and kilim models for your home with the wide product range of Naar rug, and enjoy the comfortable and aesthetic decoration in summer! Choose from dozens of different collections that you can place in every corner of your home, and enjoy the summer months to the fullest!
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